Let’s talk about electric dirt bike shipping.

Whether you’ve just bought a new electric dirt bike online or want to transport your motorcycle to a “bucket list” trail on the other side of the country, use these tips to get it safely from Point A to Point B.

Electric dirt bike shipping is a method very similar if not the same to a dirt bike shipping. Quality tie-downs usually secure the electric dirt bike, as it is being transported by a truck or a trailer. You can do this on your own or hire a professional service to transport your bike.

Transporting an electric dirt bike yourself

When most riders need to transport their electric dirt bike, the first thought is probably, “How can I do this myself?” Plenty of people go the DIY route. Being in control of the transport schedule (and every other detail related to your electric dirt bike) is tempting. And who doesn’t love an awesome road trip? But keep in mind that the time and money involved with transporting a motorcycle yourself can quickly add up. Bottom line: it’s best to plan ahead so you know exactly how much the adventure will lighten your wallet. 

If you decide to grab a truck and make the drive, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Check your insurance. This part isn’t much fun, so we’ll get it out of the way first. Accidents happen. Make sure your motorcycle is covered by your insurance before you strap it in and drive it to your destination.
  1. Get the right truck or trailer. If you own a truck, make sure it’s equipped to properly secure your electric dirt bike. No truck? You can rent a trailer pretty easily from retailers like Uhaul. (Pro tip:  The model with an extra wide, built-in ramp works well for motorcycles.) Another option is to buy a motorcycle carrier. Or, if you’re feeling super adventurous, you can build your own dirt bike carrier. 
  1. Don’t cheap out on your tie-downs. You’ve got your vehicle or carrier. But if you want to keep your electric dirt bike damage-free during transport, you need the right tie-downs. Resist the urge to buy the cheap $10 pack. Instead, go for ratchet or cam buckles with an assembly rating of 800+ pounds and a hook rating of 1000 pounds. 

Once you’ve got your tie-downs, find a structurally solid place to wrap it. Steer clear of break lines and wires, and make sure your strap isn’t applying pressure to your electric dirt bike’s bodywork and fenders. (Want a step-by-step guide to tying down your bike? Check out this article from Cycle World.)

  1. Get your buddies to help. You may love the thrill of off-road riding, but trying to drive your electric dirt bike up a ramp into a carrier or truck bed is another story, especially if it has run out of battery. If you are a beginner, get some friends to help you, and make sure your dirt bike is in neutral before you move it up the ramp together. Here is an article where we covered the best electric dirt bike loading ramps.

Electric dirt bike shipping with an independent or professional service

Many people go the DIY route and have it work out with no issues. But if you’re on a limited timeline or want to ensure your electric dirt bike arrives safely, then you should consider hiring a freight carrier, an independent service, an auto shipping company or a motorcycle shipper.

Here’s a quick rundown on all four electric dirt bike shipping options:

#1 Freight carrier (local or national).

These companies are moving large shipments throughout the nation day in and day out. They’ll transport your electric dirt bike to your destination for a reasonable price. They’re also considered generally reliable. However, they don’t have specialized motorcycle experience (or equipment). You might need to pay an oversized shipment fee and, in some cases, provide your own crate.

#2 Independent shipping service.

These are different from freight carriers. To find an independent shipping service, you usually go to a website and search for a driver who will haul a variety of types of items to the destination of your choice. These services often come with a low price tag. Although many truckers will be responsible and get the job done right, your electric dirt bike is valuable cargo. Ask the driver for his or her U.S. DOT number and plug it into the FMCSA website to make sure the license is current.

#3 Auto shipping company.

These companies can ship all kind of vehicles including your electric motorcycle. They might be faster as their fleet is always on the go, however they might not specialize in shipping dirt bikes. Make sure you compare and calculate your shipping costs before choosing an auto shipping company, as they can be more expensive than a professional motorcycle shippers.

#4 Professional motorcycle shippers.

There are only a couple of companies that specialize in the unique needs of transporting electric dirt bikes and other motorcycles. These companies will typically have equipment that’s tailor-made to the needs of your dirt bike and will know the process inside and out. (Think: specialty trucks, hardware and tie-downs that protect your motorcycle’s finish.) What does that mean for you? Less risk of your electric dirt bike becoming damaged during the move. Motorcycle shippers also usually provide end-to-end service so that there’s minimal time required from you. 

But are these services cost-prohibitive? Usually not. However, shipping distance, pickup and delivery locations, fuel costs and the size of your electric dirt bike will all impact the final quote from a motorcycle shipping company.

When you’re shipping your electric dirt bike, the most important thing to consider is safety. If you’re moving it yourself, have you invested in the materials needed to keep your dirt bike secure during transport? And if you’re going with a professional motorcycle shipping service, remember to weigh all the factors at hand: speed, safety, price and the time required from you to coordinate the shipping. When all is said and done, there’s merit in each of the four main electric dirt bike shipping methods–as long as you dot your “i’s,” cross your “t’s” and make sure that the service you’ve chosen is licensed and insured.

What’s the final step? Hitting the trail of your dreams with your super quiet, energy-efficient yet still seriously powerful electric dirt bike.