Welcome to my comprehensive guide on the “Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids.” As a parent who recently ventured into the world of electric dirt bikes for my children, I’m excited to share my experiences and insights with you. This article is a treasure trove of information for parents and guardians looking to make an informed decision about electric dirt bikes for their young ones.

In this article, you can expect an honest and detailed exploration and use of electric dirt bikes for kids. We will share our personal experiences but also experiences of our kids riding these electric mini dirt bikes, their safety, durability, ease of use, and fun factor.

Here are the best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids you can purchase for your UTV:

Razor MX350

4.6 out of 5 stars

7,009 ratings | 617 answered questions

Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids: Best Electric Dirt Bike with Light Weigh for Beginners

Razor MX350
Credit: Amazon.com

Highlight: 24V (Two 12V) Sealed Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery System

I recently bought a Razor bike for my four-year-old son and it’s been an excellent choice. This bike is a perfect fit for him, as he’s still too short for my old Honda Z50R, which was my first bike as a kid. He had already learned the basics of bike controls while riding with me on my Honda 50, so when he tried the Razor, he instantly loved it and took off with ease.

The bike’s motor is strong enough for mild terrains like grass and dirt roads, but it struggles with steep hills and deep sand. The throttle is simple but smooth, and the bike starts without a jolt. It has a rear brake on the left handlebar and no suspension. The battery lasts about an hour on hard surfaces and reaches speeds of about 15mph.

The brake lever is designed for adult hands, so my son needs to stretch a bit to use it, but it’s effective once he gets the hang of it. The bike automatically shuts off the motor when the brake is applied, a helpful feature for beginners. The foot pegs are wide and foldable, and the chain is fully covered for safety. Despite its lack of suspension, the bike is lightweight (about 50 pounds), making it easy to lift and less likely to cause injury in a fall. The tires have good grip on hard surfaces, and the low seat height is ideal for smaller kids.

I also bought another bike for my seven-year-old daughter, who had trouble transitioning from her regular bike to a gas-powered dirt bike. The complexities of a foot shifter and kick starter were too much for her. However, with this new bike, she was riding like a pro in no time after a 12-hour charge.

Milo riding the Razor MX350

I’ve also heard similar positive feedback from another parent who bought this bike for their five-year-old. It’s been a hit not only with their child but also with older kids and adults in the neighborhood. It’s quiet, which is great for suburban areas, and fast enough for a thrilling ride. The quality of the parts is noteworthy, as the bike has withstood various terrains and weather conditions. The setup is straightforward, involving just the handlebars and mudguard installation.

One thing to note is that while the bike is fast and fun, it requires responsible handling, especially by younger children. The battery life, initially about an hour, does decrease with regular use over time. This might limit its use during longer outdoor activities like camping.

In conclusion, this bike is fantastic purchases. Razor MX350 are great for getting kids interested in biking without a huge investment. While they may not have all the features of more expensive models, they are perfect for young beginners. My kids absolutely adore their bikes, and even with a few limitations, these bikes offer great value for the price.

Razor MX350

MX400 Dirt Rocket

4.5 out of 5 stars

982 ratings | 154 answered questions

MX400 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids: Best Electric Dirt Bike with Long-Lasting Battery

Razor MX400
Credit: Amazon.com

Highlight: Rechargeable 24-volt sealed lead-acid battery system that delivers up to 30 minutes of continuous use.
It is one of the best Razor Electric Dirt Bikes that you can teach your kid to ride.

Valuable review:

Completely Satisfied with this Bike

So I bought this electric motorcycle as a way to teach riding fundamentals to my 6-year old son. Aside from not having a clutch, the throttle and brake are on the correct sides of the handlebar. This should make for an easy transition to a gas-powered motorcycle.

One of the cool safety features is an autothrottle cutoff when both the throttle and brake are applied at the same time. When an inexperienced rider gets into a sticky situation they will typically pull on the throttle and brake at the same time. The Razor will automatically kill the throttle when this happens.

– Super Sturdy

– Pretty good battery life

– Great speed (not too fast or slow)

– Good looks

– Good price

– My kid loves it

I wouldn’t consider this a negative but it does take a long time to charge.

MX400 Dirt Rocket

Trending Review:

Excellent starter Motorcycle

This was an excellent starter motorcycle for my 6 year old son.


*No Gas/Carbs/Plugs to maintain

*No Hot parts that can burn

*Can go as fast as you really want a 6 year old to go. Maybe even a bit too fast.

*Decent run time


*The throttle is basically just an On/Off switch which is not good for beginners. This is the single biggest issue but can be fixed with aftermarket controller and throttle.

*No Suspension which makes for a very bumpy ride off road.

*Needs a bit more torque. An upgraded motor controller helped, but as stated before its almost too fast for a child. Razor should really do a sprocket change on these to reduce the top speed and get more torque for climbing hills.

Joseph C

Reassuring review:

Fantastic little dirt bike!

I am really nitpicking though. Overall its a great fun toy.

Bought this dirt bike for my ten year old grandson for Christmas. Having ridden one belonging to a friend, he ran around the house for twenty minutes to get this one. The hardest part of assembly was getting it out of the box. Packed very well and arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. Assembly took only a matter of minutes. Batteries arrived charged but we followed the directions for the initial charge anyway.

My grandson rides to his heart’s content and has never run out of charge. Being a stereotypical, he has fallen a couple of times with nothing more than a couple of scratches for the bike or himself.

Great bike, great seller! Wouldn’t hesitate to buy or recommend again.


Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike

3.8 out of 5 stars

85 ratings | 59 answered questions

Hiboy Electric Dirt Bike for Kids: Best Electric Dirt Bike with Powerful Motor

Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike
Credit: Amazon.com

Highlight: The dirt bike has 3 safe speed modes 

Helpful Review:

We bought this for our six year-old son, and he has absolutely loved it. We greatly appreciate the different speed settings, the long range, and the settings. My son seems to love the speed and the excitement of having his own motorcycle. Several other older and bigger kids from the neighborhood have also ridden the bike, and also loved the experience.

About one week after we got the motorcycle, a nut came loose and fell off before we noticed it was loose. Hiboy quickly addressed the problem and sent us new parts at no cost to us. I was very impressed with the quick response time and the helpfulness that the Hiboy customer service demonstrated.

I am very pleased with the motorcycle and the customer service, and highly recommend the bike.

Rich Christiansen

Valuable Review:

This is a really nice electric motorcycle for the price. It comes well packaged and takes just a few minutes to assemble. There are 3 speeds so you can start your child off on a very slow speed to get started and gradually work your way up to the fastest speed which is quite quick.

This might be a good first step before getting a gas powered bike, and gives an easy way to become familiar with how to ride and control the bike before dealing with a gas motor.

The bike has front and rear suspension, looks great, and has an overall good quality feel to it. There’s a little kickstand and it’s light and small enough to fit in the backseat of most cars if needed.

Operation is simple as there is just the twist throttle on the right and rear brake on the left.

No foot brake and no danger of braking too hard and flipping forward if the rider panics. It still requires some supervision at first but I was surprised at how fast a 4 year old went from being too scared to ride it to wanting to go faster and having great control (in a relatively open space).

Rides ok on relatively flat paved or dirt areas, and the tires are decent quality and seem like they will last.

Could an adult ride this? Sort of but I don’t recommend it. Maybe if you are 140 pounds or less and fairly short, but this bike is intended for kids 3-13 years old and once they grow past 5 feet tall or so it becomes harder to operate.

But for younger children, this is so much more fun than something like a power wheels vehicle and has the look and feel of a real dirt bike without dealing with a hot engine. Charges fairly quickly and the battery lasts a while depending on the speed.

Maybe an hour or so of good riding. Takes about 4 hours to charge the battery when it’s low.

There’s no key to change speeds so if you are trying to limit the speed and your kid is smart, they will quickly find the speed switch to go faster.

I guess that’s all part of learning but it’s also why you need to supervise new riders to make sure they can control the bike before letting them just cruise around. It also depends where you live and if there is any traffic nearby.

I definitely do not recommend letting young kids ride alone where there could be any cars around because the bike is small and relatively quick and a lot of car drivers just aren’t paying attention to the road like they should.

A large dirt lot is probably best to ride around in and you can even take it on small jumps but I’m not sure it’s really meant for that sort of abuse.

So far it’s held up really well and even if you crash it, it’s not too heavy which helps reduce injuries. It’s still important to be aware that a bike like this at full speed can be dangerous and I’d recommend a helmet, gloves, and some sort of boots at a minimum for protection when riding.

Great little electric motorcycle, the 36v motor is totally powerful enough and overall it’s been a lot better than I was expecting at this price.

Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike

Reassuring review:

This Hiboy DX1 Electric dirt bike has just stepped up the game for small children when it comes to mini bikes and dirt bikes! This looks just like the “big boys” dirt bikes with all the little details, even down to a make believe gas tank cap! I am so impressed at well done this electric bike has been made, and the superior craftsmanship that went in to it.

When you pull this electric dirt bike out of the box the only thing that needs to be put together and then tightened is the front handle bars and the back shock, and it is fairly easy to do. They include a nice instruction manual that have fairly good directions in it. Along with that they include the necessary tools and hardware to put it together.

It has a very strong build and motor at 300 watts. There are 3 different speed modes that the parent can set for their child, depending upon how comfortable the child is at riding this bike. The lowest mode will put the child at around 5mph, the medium mode will take it up to 8 mph, and the highest mode will go all the way up to 17 or 18 mph.

The bike is very responsive and accelerates quickly, and yet throttling down and braking will stop the bike almost immediately. The tires seem oversized and wide so they can grip the grass and dirt. The front and rear shocks are also really great and can easily handle the bumps.

The oversized lithium ion battery can be charged over 800 times, and with the 36 volts and over 4 AH the bike can go about 10 miles, and last about 45 minutes to one hour before it needs to be recharged. The motor can take a hill grade of up to 10%, and the power display lets you know how much battery power you have left at any given time.

This dirt bike is IPX4 water resistant; however, because it is electric you are not supposed to charge it if it has any moisture on it, so you want to make sure that it is dry before recharging it.

This bike really can handle up to a 140 pound rider, but the size of this mini bike is probably smaller than you might think it is. The manual says that the minimum age of the rider should be 3 years old, but because of all the gadgets and displays to read, the child would need to have a very developed hand-eye skill ability.

I personally would think that this bike might be good for lower elementary kids because the intended rider is for children not for youth, and any rider over about 4′ might be too tall to ride it comfortably.

The front shocks on this bike are hydraulic, just like you would see in bigger dirt bikes and this is truly meant for dirt tracks, grass, and all terrain.

I really like the fact that they allow you to set the max speed for your child because parents know their child better than they know themselves. This is a very high end electric dirt bike, and I can highly recommend it. Please watch my video so you can get a better look at it.

Matt & Tracey
Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike

Trending Review:

You’ll have the coolest kid in the neighborhood

My son’s Razor MX350 started to die a little while back, and replacing it with something comparable has been on my todo list ever since. Initially I thought this Hiboy electric dirt bike was basically the same, with more or less the same specs, but it turned out there are some major differences that set the two apart.

Worth noting, in general all of these relatively low priced electric dirt bikes are not comparable to their gasoline counterparts, and you have to approach them with a realistic expectation of power.

The bike arrived packed well, and there was no damage to be found. It only took a few minutes to pull the styrofoam and bike out of the box, and just a few more minutes to pull the remaining packaging and assemble it.

All of the required tools are provided, and really you’re just putting a bolt through the swingarm, and clamping the bars down at the neck. After assembly I put it on the provided charger and let it sit for several hours to ensure it was fully topped off, and then with a final once over I handed it over to my 10 year old son to test it out and tell me what he thought.

He absolutely loved it! He rode it around the neighborhood, on the street, sidewalk, rode it off of curbs, in the grass, in the dirt… and he came rolling back in with a massive grin on his face giving me a thumbs up.

Compared to his Razor, this bike has significantly more suspension, and while he is just a tad larger than the rider I think it would seem best suited to, it works out fine.

Acceleration is acceptable and the top speed is a bit faster than the Razor as well. A huge bonus is under the hood, and that is the use of lithium ion batteries in the Hiboy as opposed to traditional lead acid batteries which are heavier and don’t perform as well.

He’s been riding it for a few days now and we can report that the longer travel suspension makes for a much more plush ride and is definitely worth it, and riding off of curbs at speed have been handled with ease.

We’ve also found the battery life to be exceptionally good, the brakes to bite really well, and the power and top speed to be great. We did find it to be a bit noisier than our previous electric bikes/scooters, though really even that is still on the quiet side.

My 10 year old who is right in the 50th percentile size-wise is just a bit on the upper end of the comfort limit for this bike, while my 5 year old is just barely on the lower end thanks to the higher seat. In either case, we are quite happy with it and would recommend it to anyone.

Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike

Reassuring review:

I work at a bike shop and I ride electric bikes, my opinion of this one…

I ordered this one for my nephew, who is about to turn 4, he is crazy about bikes and that may be my fault. I started his adrenaline addiction encouraging him to go down a small hill on his balance bike at 2, so now is time for the next step.

This just left me with an open mouth, I didn’t expect this quality, because in the pictures it looks so plasticky, and for the weight of a kid there’s not much strenght required. I received a mini electric bike that’s made as strong as a full size bicycle, I had to take pictures to show everyone how well this one is made, so people don’t go for any other thing.

You can clearly see how thick the metal tubing is, the quality on the welding, all the bearings are sealed cassette bearings, double suspension, adjustable in the back, strong wheels, there’s plastic just to cover all this metal, but there’s no plastic bearings, bushings, all metal, super durable, this will last for years and years of use and abuse.

On the other hand, POWERFUL, it has a 300w motor, as powerful as a regular electric bycicle for adults, but don’t worry, you can select 3 levels of speed for safety. I just couldn’t resist and tried it myself, 163 pounds, it took me for a ride with no complaints, I was mindblown.

For assembly just put the handlebar on the stem and tighten the 4 bolts with the provided hex key, then connect the rear suspension with a bolt using the provided tools, no more than 5 minutes, and I checked every bolt around to see if anything was loose, but in vain, everything comes tight and ready out of the box, even the break, only has break in the rear wheel, but it is all set and works great, I just can’t stop saying good things about this little bike.

I can’t wait to give it to my nephew, I will update when I know just how long the battery will last, but for the weight of a 4yr old this will for sure push him for at least 2 hours.

I’m a 37yr old kid, I just wish I had this when I waas 4, for the price don’t hesitate on choosing this one, will last for years and will create lifetime memories.

Update coming soon, hope this is helpful for the time being.


Trending Review:

Awesome Electric Dirt Bike

I am impressed with this electric dirt bike. It arrived very well packed, when I opened the box the bike was well secured inside with packing foam. Assembly was very easy install handle bars and put the back frame up, tools included, 10 minutes to assemble, arrived mostly charged and charged to full very quickly.

The bike looks like a real motocross motorcycle.

Color and design look awesome.

Brakes work perfectly without grabbing.

Acceleration is swift so help your child to be gentle at first.

It runs very quiet.

Suspension is good.

15 mph is fast for the size.

15 to 20 mile ride distance depending on speed.

Recharge is fairly fast.

My nephew is still overly excited about the bike and constantly ask to come over to ride it. He has 6 months to ride and show responsibility, safe riding, charging, cleaning, and taking care of the general maintenance before he can take it home which will give him fall, winter, and spring riding under strict supervision, his cousin is doing the same… responsible riding can’t be expressed enough.

Future update to come.

Thank you Hiboy for providing this Electric Motorcycle for me to test and review. I truly am impressed.


Razor MX650

4.5 out of 5 stars

2,286 ratings | 435 answered questions

Razor MX650 Dirt Bike: Best Electric Dirt Bike with Powerful Speed

Razor MX650
Credit: Amazon.com

Highlight: Battery life Up to 40 mins

Reassuring review:

So good I plan on buying another

I have ridden dirt bikes and street bikes for 20 years. From 80 cc dirt bikes, to 1,000 cc super-sports, to my current toy, a Honda CRF250L. I’ve ridden forest trails and even dragged knees at race tracks.

I’ve rebuilt motorcycles from the frame up and performed countless services. I have experience with bikes. With that said, I could not be happier with this little Razor dirt bike.

Most of the people complaining seem to expect this little bike to compete with the big boys in terms of quality and power. Take a look at your local Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki dealership and you’ll find even the smallest 50 and 80cc dirt bikes are $2,000 or more, I looked again before buying this.

This little Razor is 1/4 the price. Not much more than your cheap plastic power wheels. However, unlike your power wheels and other cheap plastic ride-on’s in this price range which have plastic tires, no suspension, etc., this bike has it all, working suspension, rubber tires, long life, etc.

Not to mention, no maintenance, no carburetor to mess with, no oil to change, the brakes are those off a bicycle. Everything is simple. Also, unlike buying a used dirt bike in this price range, this is new. You don’t have to deal with the usually poor treatment of the previous owner.

We bought this bike for our 7 year old daughter. The warnings and advertising for a teenager is a joke. The warnings actually say no younger than 16.

I love how a 15 year old can drive on the highway in a car at 60mph, but by the warnings isn’t old enough to ride this toy 15mph on grass. Even now at 8 years old our daughter has quickly has mastered the bike and could move up to something bigger.

However, with that said, I do really enjoy riding this little bike myself. As does my wife. Its quite fun to just zip around the yard. Recently I have started riding it through the woods on trails where I ride my real dirt bike. I was very surprised about how well it performed.

I was definitely pushing it well beyond its intended design, but it held up fine, even with my adult weight.

My one and only gripe with the bike is the gearing. Its geared for riding across flat grass. It loses all power going up a hill. At least with my adult weight. It handles our daughters weight just fine.

I plan to remedy this however with a larger custom rear sprocket. With that, this could easily be a toy for me as well as a good dirt bike for some legitimate trail riding.

As for the power life. Again, not sure whats wrong with other reviews. We can ride this bike for hours with my daughters weight. For well over an hour with my adult weight.

With a bigger sprocket to tax the motor less, I think it will be even better. As for ruggedness. This thing has already survived numerous falls and crashes. Also, like I said earlier, I’ve taken it on trails I take my real dirt bikes, with my adult weight, it has held up fine.

Overall, this is one of the best purchases I’ve made. With all the cheap products out their these days, this has been a great experience.

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

Trending Review:

Awesome Fun

Bought 2 of these for my kids. Had them for 2 weeks now. They are great. To show you the great battery life…I’ll give you my experience when I(190lbs) ride the bike with my 6yo 40lb daughter on same seat (..so worst case scenario at 230lbs) :).

Rode them as much as 7 miles on somewhat hilly roads without running out of battery. After battery turns yellow..to low..i have been able to go at least 10 more minutes or about a 2 miles or so. The battery seems to last for a very long time. They say 40 minutes continuously…which (no one really does) translates into an hour and a half of fun with stops etc. I also have 2 boys are 6 and 8 years old.

They both ride the bike without any problems. Took the 6 year old a couple of tries but he is now perfectly comfortable with it. I was worried because the bike is heavy at over 90 lbs, but they are stable while riding and the kids never have to deal with the weight. My 6 year old daughter is afraid to ride it so we ride together…so far bike had held up.

Negative: Front suspension and front disk brakes are noisy. They are noisy no matter the weight(230lbs or 50lbs) on the bike.

Overall, kids love them around the house. Adults can use them if you want to go on mini trips…one for the adult one for a child. You will look goofy but will have as big a smile as your kid while riding.. Soon I’ll have to buy another for my daughter. 🙂

SPEED: Clocked it at about 18 mi/h on flat street, with 190lbs on the bike. My kids pass me easily probably getting around 20mph.

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Review

Helpful review:

Kickin dirt and blazin trails

My 8y/o son got this for his birthday and loves it. He was riding an electric scooter and was going to hurt himself.

I showed him a video of kids riding this razor and he loved it and his friend has a 500. I assembled it and had it charged for his party and he took off and his Nana nearly had to change her pants. It’s great if moms don’t want kids to have a gas powered motorcycle.

Now for the review. Assembly was pretty easy for a mechanic. Shouldn’t be too hard for anyone. I did change the shock mounting hole, it has two, to raise the rear end up some and tightened the shock up a bit. Be careful installing the front wheel or you could bend the disk brake rotor. Brakes work well just a little flimsy on the rotors part.

Decals are cheap and placement needs improvement but kids won’t notice that. The cap over the charging port is a nice touch.

Charging a 36 volt system takes a good while but if it is charged overnite it should last all day if not ridden too hard.

Speed is good 12 – 15 mph depending on terrain and going by my Honda 100 speedometer.

Fit and finish on metal parts is good and it cleans up easy. Don’t hose it off too hard because it is electric.

If anyone needs to replace batteries, which should be a few years, be careful because the wires are soldered to the terminals.

You will need a good soldering iron to break them loose before you melt the battery.

I think Razor has a good product line and I am very satisfied with the MX 650!

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Review


4.3 out of 5 stars

122 ratings | 20 answered questions

Evercross EV12M Electric Dirt Bike: Best Electric Dirt Bike for Design and Excellent Brakes

Credit: Amazon.com

Highlight: Designed for kids aged 3-12, this Electric Dirt Bike for Kids comes with a 300W engine that provides constant power.

Reassuring review:

An Exciting Journey for Brave Kids

I recently got my hands on the 36V Electric Dirt Bike for my 7-year-old, and let me tell you, it’s been a total game-changer!

This electric motorcycle is the perfect combination of thrilling adventure and safety measures, tailor-made for kids between the ages of 3 and 12.

With a mighty 300W motor, the bike provides ample power that makes it a breeze for my child to tackle various terrains. The 3 speed modes are a fantastic addition, allowing young riders to gradually progress from beginner-level speeds to more advanced ones.

The top speed of 15.5 mph is just perfect, ensuring that the ride is both thrilling and safe.

One of the most impressive features of the bike is its whopping 9.3 miles range! This means my child gets extended playtime without frequent recharges, which is a huge plus for any parent.

The rechargeable 36V battery is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly, which makes me feel good about my purchase.

The bike’s build quality is robust and sturdy, ensuring that it can handle all the bumps and tumbles that come with adventurous play. The design is sporty and appealing, capturing the essence of a real dirt bike.

As a parent, safety is my top priority, and I’m happy to report that this electric dirt bike doesn’t disappoint in that department. The bike features reliable hand-operated brakes, allowing my child to stop smoothly whenever needed.


The adjustable handlebars and comfortable seat make for a customizable and ergonomic ride, ensuring that my child is always comfortable and safe.

Overall, the 36V Electric Dirt Bike is an absolute gem of a purchase for any parent looking to give their child an unforgettable riding experience while keeping them safe.

If you’re in search of an exciting outdoor activity for your kids, the 36V Electric Dirt Bike is a fantastic choice! This electric dirt bike is designed to provide young adventurers with endless fun while ensuring their safety and comfort.

With its impressive 300W motor, the bike can reach impressive speeds, making it perfect for kids who love a little thrill. Plus, the bike comes with three-speed modes, allowing young riders to choose a speed that suits their skill level and experience.

One of the best things about the 36V Electric Dirt Bike is its impressive range. With a single charge, the bike can travel up to 40 minutes, providing kids with plenty of time to explore and have fun.

And when it’s time to recharge, the included instructions make it easy and straightforward.

Another great feature of this electric dirt bike is its lightweight design. This makes it easier for kids to handle and maneuver, ensuring they can ride safely and comfortably.

Overall, the 36V Electric Dirt Bike is an excellent investment for parents looking to provide their kids with an exciting outdoor activity.

With its powerful motor, multiple speed modes, impressive range, and lightweight design, it’s sure to provide hours of fun for young adventurers.


Valuable review:

Good precursor to a gas powered bike

The bike arrived well packaged. The instructions are easy to read and follow. Thankfully, this is predominantly assembled, but still took about 20 minutes to put the remaining parts together.

The battery comes partially charged, but it’s advised to fully charge it for 12 hours before using it. In my opinion this bike is somewhat comparable but definitely superior to the Razor MX350. 

The rider sits a little higher with this bike, however the seat is narrower. The spacing between the bars and knees is smaller on this bike so it’s not ideal for anyone over 5 feet. The suspension is better, it handles the desert almost as smooth and seamlessly as pavement and/or asphalt, as long as your not going over any extreme terrain.

A nice feature is the ability to control the maximum speed on this bike (5,10 or 15 mph), whereas the Razor you have none. The take off and top speed on this is slightly faster than the Razor.

The brakes work great, so be sure to start with the 5 mph setting if this is your childs first time riding any electric bike. Breaking too hard and/or quickly could easily send them flying over the handle bar.  One thing to note is that the throttle for this is on the inside of the handle.

So that’s a bit of a curve ball but you’ll quickly get used to it. The battery lasts much longer on this bike. Overall, this bike looks way cooler and operates better than the Razor. 

My children are happy and prefer riding this bike to the Razor. Definitely recommend as a starter or precursor to a gas powered dirt bike.

Jay T.

Helpful review:

EVERCROSS EV12M Dirt Bike for Kids

To start off I’d like to say after 4 months of having it this thing puts in work on the daily my kids love it. The assembly was super easy. Charging it is a breeze the kid plug it in at night and ride it after school. The frame is very sturdy and the material used around it has lasted after a couple of falls from speed. Over all great bike for the price my kids are very happy with it.

David Pelayo