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Welcome to Charge The Bike!

We are really excited that you are here wanting more information on electric bikes.
Charge The Bike is all about news, reviews, and analysis on the Electric Bike Industry
We want to provide you with all the tips tricks, and opinions on Electric bikes.
For years we have ridden gas powered motorcycles but that is changing and now we have the rise of electric powered bikes.

We are here to test, break, and have fun on every electric bike we can get our hands on.

We then want to turn around and provide you with REAL world information from people just like you.

Who is behind Charge The Bike?

My name is Sam Oldham

Growing up I tried to ride anything with 2 wheels that I could.

I have spent the last decade or more riding motorcycles and dirt bikes.

Even after all of these years I still feel the same excitement I felt when I first rode a dirt bike as a kid.

I have been interested in Electric bikes for years. Please follow me as I try and learn everything I can from riding these electric bikes.

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Electric Dirt Bike News

We provide latest news on the Electric Dirt Bike Industry.

We Cover more than dirtbikes

Fellow bike riders need to know all of their options. The Electric Bike industry brought more driving options for all terains on a single e-bike.

Dirtbike Reviews, Tricks, Tracks, and Tests

Because we have so much experience driving in the dirt, we offer expert advice from us but also from fellow electric dirtbike riders. Testing, reviewing of all necessities for your next adventure.

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You can find everything in Sam’s Garage. From Electric Dirt Bikes to Custom Branded Chargers for his Bike.

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Charge The Bike is all about news, reviews, and analysis on the Electric Bike Industry. Join us to stay charged!