Let’s talk about electric dirt bikes.  I bled and got bruised to test these interesting battery-powered motorcycles. I added my opinion as a dirt bike rider, but also I surveyed my colleagues, and we did additional research to get unbiased results.

Sam Oldham

Our off-road world made of dirt, mud and rocks has changed in recent years with the entry of the electric dirt bike.

An electric dirt bike is a motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain and runs by a battery-powered motor. Compared to a traditional dirt bike, an electric dirt bike is an Eco-friendly machine that requires less maintenance and almost has no sound.


Does the electric dirt bike offer the power, speed and driving experience like the traditional off-road motorcycle?

In the past, they were known as e-dirt bikes and used to be toys for the kids and teens. But now, with the latest breakthroughs and improvement on the electric motor and batteries, we are about to test the limits of the battery-powered bikes on the dirt trails and roughest terrains.


The manufacturers started mixing the mountain, hybrid and supermoto bikes with the electric dirt bikes. The industry is still new and different off-road electric dirt bikes were invented. But, even if they can go off-road, can we really compare them with the all mighty full size mx dirt bike that we all know of?

In this article expect to read about different types of electric motorcycles that can go off-road.

Table of contents:

  1. Electric dirt bikes for all ages and sizes
  2. How we compared the 15 best electric dirt bikes for adults and kids.
  3. Best electric dirt bikes for adults and teens – comparison table.
  4. Best electric dirt bikes for kids – comparison table.
  5. How to choose the best electric dirt bike for you or your kid.
  6. Frequently asked questions

Below we have 15 electric dirt bikes:


2021 KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Dirt Bike

1. 2022 KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Dirt Bike


The new 2022 KTM Freeride E-XC is the same as previous 2020 and 2021 model and is a cross between a full-size enduro/motocross dirt bike and a trial dirt bike.

The 2021 KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Dirt Bike is powered by a Lithium-Ion KTM PowerPack that can be removed. This allows you to buy an additional lithium-Ion KTM battery to swap easily when out riding for the day.

The KTM Freeride E-XC is a single-speed automatic that produces 24.5 max HP. 

But, do not let the low horsepower fool you…

The torque you can get from an electric dirt bike is outstanding…42 Nm.

It will take you 1.3 hours to fully charge the KTM PowerPack battery.

Built with a steel composite frame, the electric Freeride will stand up to any abuse you throw at it.

WP Xplor PDS shocks are stock on the 2021 Freeride E-XC.


The Seat height for the 2022 KTM Freeride is 910 mm or 35.82 inches


2022 KTM Freeride E-XC: Features and Specifications

  • 24.5 max HP with 5000 RPM
  • Xplor 48 PDS Shock Absorber
  • Changeable Lithium-Ion PowerPack
  • Single-speed automatic
  • Liquid-cooledGround Clearance 13,38 inches or 340 mm

2021 Update: It basically has the same specs as the previous 2020 model, so keep that in mind.


I have tested the Electric Dirt Bike by KTM, the 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC on our Backcountry Life youtube channel. They are basically the same electric dirt bikes as this year model. See the video below:

2021 Zero FX electric dirt bike

2. 2022 ZERO FX ZF7.2 + ZF3.6

The Zero FX Electric Dirt Bike is good looking, functional with the very powerful electric power train. With amazing torque and probably the highest speed on an electric dirt bike, it is an honorable mention to the world of electric dirt bikes. Zero Motorcycles is a company dedicated to making just electric motorcycles. It seems like the crew at Zero Motorcycles have put their blood, sweat, and tears into making electric dirt bikes. Zero Motorcycle App will let you choose between Eco and Sport modes.

It is, without a doubt, the best hybrid Electric Dirt Bike, the 2022 ZERO FX ZF7.2 + ZF3.6. Zero built the 2022 FX models for on and off-road applications, so their electric motorcycles might be more comfortable

What’s the difference between the ZERO FX ZF7.2 and the Zero FX ZF3.6?

Power and battery.

The 2022 ZERO FX ZF7.2 and the Zero FX ZF3.6 have the same standard build, but choosing different battery options is the difference between power and range. Installing the Zero Motorcycle App will let you choose between Eco and Sport modes.

Zero Motorcycles boost a good range for their electric dirt bikes.

2022 ZERO FX ZF7.2

  • Range 91 Miles City / 39 Highway
  • 46 hp / 78 ft-lbs torque
  • Integrated Battery

Zero FX ZF3.6

  • Range 46 city / 19 highway
  • 27 HP / 78 ft-lbs torque
  • Ultra-fast recharge
  • Swappable battery

2021 Update: Zero only changed the design of the dirt bike. The specs remain the same.
2022 Update: It uses the last year design, but has higher top speed from 70 to 85 mph and it is lighter


Alta Motors Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike

3. Alta Motors Redshift MX Electric Motocross Bike

The Alta Redshift MX is a professional full-fledge Race motocross dirt bike.

Alta Motors is no longer making electric dirt bikes but we could not leave this dirt bike out of this list. It’s still the ONLY full-fledge electric motocross dirt bike that has been produced.

You can still pick a Redshift on the used dirt bike market.

The top speed on the Redshift MX is around 50 MPH and the battery will last for around an hour.

But what makes the Redshift MX unique is how well built it is. It comes with high-quality parts all around the dirt bike.

The Alta Motors Redshift comes with WP suspension in the front for the fork and WP for the rear shock.

The brakes are what you would come to expect on a well built high-quality dirt bike.

This was the BEST electric dirt bike you can buy. I didn’t list it above because for 2020 you cannot buy a new one as Alta Motors sadly closed their doors in 2019.

If you can find one on the used dirt bike market get one!


Alta Redshift MX: Features and Specs

  • Best Electric Dirt bike
  • Pro WP suspension
  • Pro Brakes
  • Pro Chassis
  • 50 MPH top speed
  • 60 Mins of run time

2021 Update: Alta Redshift MX still remains one of the best race motocross dirt bikes.
2022 Update: It becomes more difficult to find an Alta Redshift on the used market. Even if you do, the only problem you would have is with the battery. But that can be easily replaced with custom battery.


CAKE Kalk OR 2020 edition

4. CAKE Kalk OR


The Kalk OR is Sweden’s best electric dirt bike, designed for off-road performance. Cake is a company based out of Sweden, and they are passionate about making innovative and lightweight electric dirt bikes. At this moment, they have few different models of the Kalk line-up, divided in two categories. One for racing and other for back country exploring.

  1. Kalk Or Freeride Models, suitable for trail riding in the back country.
  2. Kalk Or and Ink Race Models are dirt bikes designed for racing, however, keep in mind that they have the same power as the opposite freeride line-up, just are little heavier.

Now let’s be clear this looks more like a mountain bike with an electric motor.


If you look at everything, the 2022 Kalk OR is more closely related to a dirt bike.

The large sprocket and the Front forks make me think electric dirt bike.

2022 Kalk OR: Features and Specs

  • 3 hours of run time
  • Power: 11kW (15hp)
  • 50 MPH maximum speed
  • 42 Nm peak torque, with 280 Nm on back wheel
  • Three ride modes
  • 2.5 hour charge time
  • Motorcycle brakes
  • Ohlins fork and shock

Cake has built a cool lightweight, well suspended, and power full-electric dirt bike.

2021 Update: The 2021 Kalk Or still have the same specs as the 2020 model.
2022 Update: Due to the specification competitiveness, they still have success in 2022 and there is no need to change anything.

2021 Electric Motion Escape R

5. 2022 Escape R Dirt Bike

The Electric Motion Escape R is a mix between a trails dirt bike and a full-size enduro dirt bike.

Based in France the team at Electric Motion is passionate about bringing the dirt bike market an electric dirt bike that is fun, quiet and competitive.

Built from high-quality dirt bike parts the Electric Motion Escape R is for those who want to ride their dirt bike on single track.

Top speed on the Electric Motion Escape R dirt bike is around 46.6 mph.

EM Escape R is lightweight and comes with full suspension and high-quality brakes.

The Escape R electric dirt bike comes with 6 different map settings for you to choose from, 3 that are standar and 3 race ready.


2022 Electric Motion Escape R: Features and Specs

  • Top speed around 46.6 MPH
  • 110 – 200 mins of run time, or 38 miles
  • 187 lbs
  • 11KW
  • 6 power map settings
  • Great suspension
  • Great Torque
  • Great Brakes


2021 Update: The Escape R is a new road legal model by Escape Motion with improvements in flexibility, roundness at low RPM. It has more power, inertia and RPM’s from their previous models.

2022 Update:

It has slightly more range from 37 to 38 miles, higher top speed from 43 mph to 46.6 mph, and weight is increased from 170 lbs to 187.5 lbs. 

  • -New TKO mode, for precision in acceleration and traction resulting on better control of the power and lower revs.
  • It has 3 additional power map settings “race maps”
  • New Led Headlights featuring blue tripple clamp.
  • Optional PRB system for the R model that allows regeneration of the battery faster.


Sur-Ron MX

6. Sur-Ron X

The Sur Ron X electric dirt bike is a relative newcomer onto the electric dirt bike scene.

The Sur-Ron dirt bike comes with a few unique features that are worth mentioning. In sport mode, the Sur Ron X offers Regenerative coasting and recharges the battery when you let off the throttle.

Panasonic makes the battery that is in the Sur-Ron electric dirt bike. If you want the Sur-Ron X to be street legal the top speed is 20 MPH, which is not much fun for a road legal bike. However, there is an easy modification that you can do to turn up the power/top speed.

When setup in the street-legal mode the Sur Ron dirt bike will give you 62 miles of range, but I am sceptical about this.

The battery is swappable and comes with a full suspension and front and rear brakes.


Sur Ron X: Features and Specs

  • Top Speed 47 MPH
  • 6kW Peak Power
  • 20 – 60 Miles of range, (Sport or Eco Mode)
  • 3 hour charging time
  • Dual suspension
  • Removable Panasonic Ion battery pack
  • Regenerative coasting
  • Piston Hydraulic Brakes on Both Wheels

2021 Update. It was previously named Sur-Ron MX, now its Sur-Ron X or Light Bee Sur-Ron X in the USA. This year comes with lots of additional upgrades for the bike though the specs are somewhat the same.

2022 Update: It is the same bike as previous year.


Bultaco Brinco R

7. Bultaco Brinco R

The Bultaco Brinco R is a mix between a dirt bike and a mountain bike

We added this in this list as an electric bike worth mentioning.

It’s lightweight and has really great range. Up to 60 miles.


Bultaco Brinco R Features and Specs

  • Top speed 67 mph
  • 60 Mile range
  • 3 power modes
  • Removable battery

Below we continue with electric dirt bikes for the younger population.

Kuberg Cross Hero

8. Kuberg Cross Hero

The Kuberg Cross Hero is a high-quality electric dirt bike for kids ages 5-12 years old.

The Kuberg Cross Hero is built with a high-quality 77lb frame that will support up to 220lb rider.

You can ride the Kuberg Cross Hero for around 2 hours of use which is actually pretty good.

Top speed is limited to 17 MPH but that’s pretty fast. The 3000 watt electric motor was built to handle the abuse that comes with riding dirt bikes.

Full suspension allows the Kuberg Cross Hero to handle well in any offroad dirt bike situation. The front fork and the rear shock are air forks / air shocks.

Full well built front and rear disc brakes give the Kurberg Hero excellent stopping power.

The Kuberg Cross Hero is watertight allowing your kids to ride whenever they want without the worry of water ruining anything.

Kuberg also built in the ability of the parent to adjust the speed/power of the Kuberg Cross Hero. This allows the child to ride the bike according to their abilities.

2022 Kuberg Cross Hero: Features and Specs

  • 2 Hour Run Time with 6 Hours charging time
  • 3 kW peak power
  • 17 MPH top speed
  • 73 lbs
  • Adjustable speed/power
  • Quality Air suspension
  • Quality Disc brakes

2021 Update: Even though the specifications of the bake are the same as previous year, the app that allows the parent to control the bike is state of the art. You can modify speed, run time, it has kill switch and you can see stats, track time and other useful statistics.
2022 Update: Same bike as last year.


Kuberg FreeRider

9. Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

The Kuberg FreeRider is built for teenagers and adults

The Kuberg is an electric dirt bike that allows you to ride for around an hour. The Freerider is setup with high-quality parts including the front forks and rear shock.

The brakes are of high quality as well.

This is a very lightweight and powerful electric dirt bike (79 lbs). You can hit top speeds of around 34 MPH.

When you are done riding you can get back on the trail in 2.5 hours.

Kuberg Freerider comes with a couple of different tires sizes for you to choose from.

Kuberg FreeRider Tire Sizes:

  • 26 Front 24 Rear
  • 24 Front 24 Rear
  • 20 Front 20 Rear

Kuberg Freerider Specs:

  • Top speed 34 MPH
  • 1 Hour Run Time
  • 2.5 Hour Charge time
  • Pro Full suspension
  • Pro Brakes
  • Pro Tires
MotoTec 24v Green 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike

10. MotoTec 24V

The MotoTec 24V is a kid’s electric entry-level kids dirt bike

MotoTec has built an electric dirt bike that will make your kid feel like they are riding a real big kids dirt bike. The black styling with the black rims makes the MotoTec 24V dirt bike look good.

It comes with full suspension that is motocross-inspired. Front and rear disc brakes for great stopping power.

Your kids ride length on this electric dirt bike is up to 1 hour and cruise around at 15 MPH.


MotoTec 24V Specs

  • 15 MPH top speed
  • Motocross styling
  • Black rims
  • Full suspension
  • Disc brakes front and rear
  • 1 hour run time
Burromax TT250 Electric dirt bike for kids

11. Burromax TT250

The Burromax TT250 is an entry-level budget kids dirt bike

The Burromax is another electric dirt bike option for your kids.

The TT250 comes in 4 different colors and can also be upgraded. You have a rear disc for your brakes and a kickstand.

The Burromax has variable speed with two different speed settings. The top speed on the Burromax is around 14 MPH and the low setting is 7 MPH.

You do get a front working fork and rear shock for a smoother ride on the Burromax dirt bike.

They say that the battery will last around 14 miles and takes up to 8 hours to charge.


Burromax TT250 Specs

  • Full suspension
  • Smooth throttle
  • 2 speed selections
  • Rear disc brake
  • 14 MPH Top speed
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

12. Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

The Razor MX 650 is a kids bike but is taller than the Razor MX 350 and Razor SX 500. The MX650 is a budget electric dirt bike.

This Razor 650 is a great bike to have around while your kids learn how to dirt bike or is a good practice bike for your kids.

It comes with a full suspension and front and rear disc guards.


Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Specs

  • 40 min battery life
  • 17 mph top speed
  • Front forks
  • Easy to use and ride
Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket McGrath Green

13. Razor SX500 McGrath Green

The Razor SX500 is an entry-level kid electric dirt bike.

This is perfect for your kids to get introduced into dirt biking. There is no pipe to get burnt, no gas, and weighs less than a gas-powered kids dirt bike.

They can start it themselves with an on/off switch and it is pretty quiet so they aren’t scared of the sound.

The Razor SX500 comes with working front and rear suspension and front and rear disc brakes. Overall, you get a great value for the money as it is one of the better models that sells under $500.


Knobby tires are included to allow for good traction in the dirt.

The color and graphics on the Razor SX McGrath edition are inspired by the legendary motocross champ Jeremy McGrath.

Top Speed on the Razor SX500 McGrath Edition is 15 MPH and you can ride it for 40 minutes.


2021 Razor SX500 McGrath Specs

  • 40 minutes of run time
  • 15 MPH top speed
  • McGrath Gree edition
  • Working front forks
  • Front and rear disc brakes

We compared the 15 best electric dirt bikes for adults and kids

For the choice not to be biased by my opinion as a professional dirt bike rider, my electric dirt bike team has done a survey.

So, how we did our research in other to find out the top electric dirt bikes?

We consulted real motorcycle riders, and we implemented a final survey and research about which are the best electric dirt bikes and why, below. See the data of my fellow riders about the best electric dirt bike, but also their overall opinion on electric dirt bikes. 


Electric dirt bike choice by riders

As you can see the KTM Freeride E-XC, the Alta Motors Redshift MX and the Zero FX are the top 3 contestants that have been chosen by fellow electronic dirt bike enthusiasts. Interesting enough, most of my dirt bike colleges said that we must include Alta Motors Redline MX bikes, but Alta Motors closed their doors. However, you can still buy one on the used market.



Electric dirt bikes for adults

Below we have made a comparison table of the 9 best electric dirt bikes for adults that you can buy in the year 2020. The table includes the name and brand of the electric dirt bikes, their power, speed, max range, battery, Seat Height, and Weight limit. It makes it easier to compare each electric dirt bike to find out the best.

I didn’t include the electric dirt bikes prices since they change all the time. You will have to click on the links and check them by yourself.

If you want to find out the list of best electric dirt bikes for adults, we have made a more thorough post about them here. Some of them can also handle the road while going on off-road terrain.

This post, we will be updated so we can go into more detail about each electric dirt bike, but for now, see the list of the 9 best, followed by the top 3 electric dirt bikes chosen by my fellow riders.

NamePowerSpeedPrice Max RangeBatterySeat HeightWeight Limit
KTM Free Ride E-XC 20209 or 18kW45 mph$10,4991.5 hours of continuous useKTM PowerPack with increased capacity. Rated at 3.9 kWh35 inches242 lbs
Cake Kalk Electric Bike11 kW50 mph$13,0003h of continuous use51.8-volt, 50 Ah, 2.6 kWh w/ 18,650 lithium cells35 inches152 lbs
Alta Motors Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike37 kW50 mph$15,00060 minWaterproof Li-Ion 350v.37 inches259 lbs
Zero Motorcycles Zero FX Bike34 kW85 mph$10,99591 milesZ-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated 7.2 kwh34 inches247 lbs
Zero Motorcycles Zero DS34 kW98 mph$10,99591 milesZ-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated 18 kWh33 inches463 lbs
Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Dirt Bike12kW37 mph$8,200110 to 200 minLiPo 48.1V / 40Ah / 1.9kWh33 inches196 lbs
Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike8kW34 mph$5,2002h22 AH 48 volt34 inches79 lbs
Sur-Ron MX Electric Dirt Bike6kW45 mph$3,60062 miles176 Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh Capacity: 32Ah, 1920Wh31 inches286 lbs
Bultaco Brinco R Electric Dirt Bike2kW67 mph$5,400Sport: 30 Miles Tour: 45 Miles Eco: 60 Miles.Battery 1,3kWh Lithium Ion, highly durable, removable and portable.41 inches85 lbs

The TOP 3 Electric Dirt Bikes for adults, chosen by experienced dirt bike riders:

Keep in mind the following electric dirt bikes are not quite like a full-size enduro or motocross dirt bike. However, they are dirt bike riders top 3 choices of a real dirt bike that runs on electricity.


Below we have the unbiased choice of the top three electric dirt bikes:

Electric Dirt-bikes for Kids

If you want to introduce your kid into the dirt-biking world and ride beside you, then buying an electrical dirt bike for your kid might be the best option since they are very easy to drive for begginers.
In our other post we have discussed the electric dirt bikes for the younger population and you can take a look at it if you want to learn more in detail.  All of these bikes can handle the road while going on off-road terrain. So yeah, your kid can even drive it on the street.

Here is head to head comparison table for the battery powered dirt bikes for kids:

NamePowerSpeedPrice Max RangeBatterySeat HeightWeight Limit
Razor SX500 McGrath500W15 mph$49940 min of continuous use36V (3x12V) SLA battery21 inches175 lbs
Kuberg Cross Hero750W17 mph$2,4992 hr of continuous use36V (3x12V) 9Ah SLA battery25 inches220 lbs
Razor MX650650W17 mph$57940 minutes of continuous use36V (3x12V, 12 Ah) SLA battery pack20 inches220 lbs
Burromax TT250250W14 mph$34914 miles24V SLA deep cycle battery21 inches250 lbs
MotoTec 24V500W15 mph$3891h of continuous use24V (2X12V, 12Ah) SLA23 inches150 lbs
Razor MX500500W15 mph$79940min of continuous use36V (3x12V, 12 Ah) SLA battery pack21 inches175 lbs

How to choose the best electric dirt bike for you or your kid.

Even if we researched, compared and tested most of the electric dirt bikes on this list, it is important to know how to identify the perfect dirt bike for you.

Keep in mind that not all of the electric dirt bike manufacturers are providing the necessary information when you are about to compare them head to head by specifications.

Here are the most important technical specifications that you should always look for when choosing an electric dirtbike:

  1. What is the driving range of the electric dirt-bike? There is a difference in the driving range in the City and the Dirt Track. Driving on the dirt track or in the backcountry might lower the expected range of the bike.
    • Driving range in City
    • Driving range on the Dirt Track
    • Driving range on the Highway
  2. What is the Power of the Electric Dirt Bike motor or Powertrain
    • Type of electric motor: I personally think that the brushless electric motor is the best type of powertrain for the dirt bike.
    • Peak torque: A good example would be the ZERO FX with it’s 78 ft-lb (106 Nm) of peak torque.
    • Peak Power: On our testing we found that an electric motor for a dirt bike with above 18KW should be enough for most obstacles like rocks or jumps. Of course, rider skill matters here.
    • Top Speed: It might not be very important when you are riding in the dirt
    • Controller Efficiency and Type: Brushless with regenerative breaking is the way to go
  3. Power or Battery System
    • Type of Battery: With the current manufacturing technology the Li-Ion Power Pack is probably the best battery for an electric dirt bike.
    • Capacity
    • Charger type
    • Charging Time
    • Is the battery replaceable?
  4. DriveTrain
    • Transmission
  5. Chassis/ Suspension/ Brakes
    • Front Suspension
    • Rear Suspension
    • Front and Rear Brakes.
    • Tires
    • Wheel Size
  6. Dimensions
    • Weight
    • Height
  7. Price

Want to see other innovative electric dirt bikes? Check the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions answered about electric dirt bikes.

Are electric dirt bikes street legal?

Most electric dirt bikes are street legal because they have proper road equipment and make very little noise. Some of the models like ZERO FX or KTM Freeride E-XC are street legal. They are designed for off-road riding but also pass the road regulations. The legality also depends on what country you reside in.

Are electric dirt bikes any good?

Electric dirt bikes are good at being eco-friendly, make little noise, and can be road legal. They have low maintenance costs, and the electric engine is very durable. Because they have no clutch and different modes to start, they are easy to ride, which makes them the perfect choice for beginners.

How fast is an electric dirt bike?

The speed of an electric dirt bike can vary from one model to another. Electric dirt bikes for adults have a top speed between 34 – 84 miles per hour. Electric dirt bikes for kids have a max speed of around 13 – 17 mph. Other factors that affect speed are settings, driver weight, and purchase options.

What electric dirt bike is the fastest?

Currently, the Zero FX can reach a top speed of up to 85 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest electric dirt bikes. The maximum speed is achieved because the Zero FX is a hybrid electric dirt bike that you can drive it on the road, which makes it also street legal.



The electric dirt bike world is slowly seeing some of the big dirt bike manufacturers jump into the electronic dirt bike game.

I wonder how long it will before all of the big dirt bike companies jump on the electric dirt bike train?

The dirt bike industry is aware of the differences and the benefits of the electric dirt bikes over gas-powered ones, and they must invent to stay ahead of the competition.

A biased approach.

Right now, KTM, who is arguably the biggest dirt bike manufacturer in the world, makes what I would consider the best electric dirt bike for 2020, the KTM Freeride E-XC. We even purchased the dirt bike only to review it.

The global electric motorcycle market is still new, but we are welcoming any electric dirt bike can take upon the off-road challenge.

Don’t forget to check our blog about electric dirt bikes, and please let us know what you think in the comments below.