7 Reasons To Choose Electric over Gas Motorcycle

I have been asked several times. Sam, is there a difference between electric motorcycles and gas motorcycles? Well, I’ve ridden several types of electric motorcycles and almost anything gas-powered on two wheels. It really depends on the rider’s perspective, but they’re both so much fun.

In this post, find out the important advantages when we are comparing Electric vs Gas Motorcycles.

More and more people are buying electric cars. According to the website Inside EVs, in the US, electric vehicle sales were up 81% to 361,307 total units sold. Electric cars were once an oddity but are now becoming more mainstream. Is the same thing going to happen with electric dirt bikes and motorbikes?
Here are the 7 reasons why you should choose an electric over a gas motorcycle.

Advantages of having Electric Motorcycle vs Gas

The 7 advantages where e-motorbike’s win hands down include the following – quiet, no burning/exhaust, less weight, no power band, no clutch, brake like a pedal bike, and No carburetor or injection issues.

Technology has been rapidly changing in the electric and battery-powered motor market. Things we thought of as basic motorbike principles are now in question. There is a new set of motorbikes (E-motorbikes) out now and more coming soon that are changing the rules on what we have always thought a dirt bike or motorbike was. When I think of a dirt bike, I always imagine the high-pitched scream of a two-stroke or a deep throaty sound of the 4 stroke. Well, that might not be the case anymore.

E-motorbikes or Electric Motorbikes are clearly winning over standard gas-powered motorbikes in certain cases.
Depending on what you want to do with your motorbike, consider the following reasons why E-motorbikes can be the right choice.

Electric Motorcycle vs Gas Powered Motorcycle Comparison Table

Electric MotorcycleGas Powered Motorcycle
QuetCan be very noisy
Engine can’t overheatEngine can Overheat
No Exhaust, safer for EnvironmentProduces Pollution
Less WeightCan be Heavy
Better power-band, smooth torqueLess available power at any moment
Easier to ride and learn without clutchHas clutch
No Carburetor or InjectorHave Carburetor & Injector

1. Choose Electric over Gas Bike because it is Quiet

E-motorbikes are quiet in comparison to traditional motor bikes. There are many situations where this can be a very good thing. If you want to get up and ride your private track in your backyard at 5:00 am in the morning in the middle of the city…..you can do that. You won’t be waking up the neighbors.

When working or teaching kids how to ride a dirt bike, it can be much better to be riding a quiet bike. You can actually talk to your kids as you are training them to ride an electric motorbike. You may be able to ride your bike on a local track earlier or later in the day because the noise will not wake up others

They might have to change motocross because the noise was part of the fun, and you could tell when they were accelerating. With electric motorcycles, it will only be visual. This is something they have been discussing in Formula 1 racing. The technology is going electric, but the sound is part of the fun. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
There are places where you can ride motorbikes on trails in the backcountry. But hikers often say the noise of bikes ruins the back country. Whenever I come across people riding horses on a single track with my gas bike, I always pull off to the side and turn my motor off until they pass. With e-motorbikes, I probably wouldn’t have to be as careful, and we may be allowed to ride more places.

2. Electric Motorbikes don’t overheat

Electric motorbikes do not have hot engines or exhaust pipes. When kids ride motorbikes, one of the safety concerns was always getting burned. You had to make sure they could get out really easy if they tipped over. This is no longer a worry with a bike.
Small motorbikes were mostly air cooled to save on weight. This made it so that when ridden hard, bikes could overheat and not function as well. This isn’t an issue with an e-motorbike, they will never overheat, and you will never burn yourself on an exhaust pipe.

3. No Exhaust

If you have a place that you can ride inside, an e-motorbike is the way to go. No exhaust makes it fantastic.
When working on your bike in the garage, you always needed to open doors or get ventilation. Not a problem anymore with a bike. There is no exhaust. There is no pollution coming out of a tailpipe.

4. Weight

E-motorbikes, most of the time, weigh less. Where is the transmission? Where is the radiator?
This is great for many uses of riding bikes.
Kids can ride easier. Some people often may not like bigger bikes as they are heavy, and if they tip over, they can be hard to get back up. This is easier on an e-motorbike.
Less weight when riding mountain trails gives you more control.
Jumping and landing will be nicer as the shocks have to account for less weight on landings. Ie less likely to bottom out your shocks. Does less weight let you jump farther?

5. Power-band

The torque of an e-motorbike is smooth. Motorbikes often have what is called a power band. The place where you get the most power.
When riding bikes hard, you had to learn to keep the bike in the power band by shifting. This was an important thing to learn. The newer gas bikes have gotten better at this, but they aren’t perfect.
This is no longer the same concern on an e-motorbike. The torque of the electric motor is just a totally different thing. I think you might find yourself reaching for the clutch to shift.
Oh, wait, E-motorbikes do not have a hand clutch.

6. Clutch

Since you do not need to switch gears, you no longer need to learn how to run a clutch.
This can make teaching people easier. Many Pedal bikes have front and back brakes on the handles. When riders went from pedal bikes to motor bikes they usually used their foot to engage the back brake.
E-motorbikes can have brakes just like you learned on your pedal bike. Simpler to get people to be safe riders.

An e-motorbike can get away with being part pedal bike and part ebike so much that you can park some e-motorbikes in pedal biking places.
You can take your e-motorbike places where it might be illegal to ride a gas-powered motorbike.
One of the key reasons an e-motorbike is safer is that going slow is flat-out easier. You do not need the same momentum because it has less weight and no need to shift.

7. No Carburetor or Injector

If you have had a motorbike, you may have had carburetor and/or injection issues.
Have you had an issue because of old gas? Have you ever had your float in your carberator stick? Or by altitude issues. I have had all of these issues. I have had to change the injectors to get good power when going to ride in the mountains.
This is no longer an issue as the power is the same in an e-motorbike.
For some, altitude may not be an issue as you always rode within 1000 feet of elevation. But when you change 5000 feet, it really messes up your bike.
This is not fun when you start at 4000 feet, and your bike is running well, then you get to 10000 feet, and your bike is barely running.
To get good performance, riders had to choose an in-between altitude or where the bike would not run.

Electric vs gas motorcycles, who won?

Electric motorbikes win big here.

Are you ready to enjoy these benefits of an electric Motorcycle vs Gas powered one?
Which motorcycle fits your needs?
There are other articles about which kind of electric motorbike is best for your wants and needs.

Just know that the rules of motor bikes have changed because of the benefits of Electric bikes.

Times are changing.