Dirt bikes are powered by a motor and fuel that powers the motor. With standard dirt bikes gasoline is the fuel that powers the motor.

Over the past decade we have been seeing a rise in a new type of dirt bikes.

Enter the Electric Dirt Bikes.

Electric dirt bikes are have a motor just like a gas powered dirt bike

Gas fueled motor VS Electric fueled motor

However, the electric motor is powered by electricity that comes from a battery.

With the dirt bike electric motor the power is like your on off light switch in your house.

This means that when you open the throttle on the electric bike there is no lag and you get get ALL of the power at once.

Electric Dirt Bike

  • Quiet – little to zero noise
  • No Fuel (gas)
  • No oil
  • Instant electric power
  • No gears
  • No Clutch
  • No kickstart
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

You can also get a LOT of power out of a small electric dirt bike motor.

Electric dirt bikes are quiet and powerful and the power really is like a on off switch.

Unlike the gas powered dirt bikes, the electric dirt bikes have little to no maintenance.

Electric dirt bikes have no gears, no clutch, and no kickstart. This could make the dirt bike easier to ride.

Having no clutch on the electric dirt bike will be something that us old timers may have a hard time with.

If you have every spent time on a gas powered dirt bike you know that there is a power curve that is determined by a carburetor or fuel injection systems.

Gas powered fuel systems have come along way but still cannot match the one off switch that a battery powered electric motor produces.

Keep in mind the electric dirt bike industry still is working on producing a battery powered electric dirt bike motor that can produce the same amount of power that the a 450 fourstroke gas powered dirt bike.

Right now you still can easily make a more powerful gas powered dirt bike versus an electric dirt bike.

The reason for this…

The battery technology which powers the electric motor is the weak point.

With major car manufacturers like Tesla Motors investing in battery technology this in my opinion will trickle down to the electric dirt bikes.

This also makes us wonder if you can get the same range with a battery powered electric dirt bike as a gas powered dirt bike.

Companies like Alta Motors and Zero Motorcycles started to produce modern electric dirt bikes and electric motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycle’s dirt bike

Alta Motors focused on the offroad or motocross type of electric dirt bikes.

**note Alta Motors no longer makes electric dirt bikes…sad I know.

Zero Motorcycles are more of an on road electric motorcycle.

Zero Motorcycle claims that the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the motorcycle is cheaper with an electric bike versus a gas powered motorcycle.

But both of these electric motorcycle companies are small not not considered mainstream.

Fast forward to 2019.

We have companies like Honda, and KTM jumping into the electric dirt bike game.

KTM already has produced the KTM FREERIDE E-XC

For 2020 KTM has announced their Youth or kids electric dirt bike models

  • 2020 KTM SX – E 5
  • 2020 Husqvarna EE 5

Honda motorcycles has also shown the world a prototype electric dirt bike.

Honda has built this electric dirt bike of their popular CRF frames.

Companies like KTM and Honda building electric dirt bikes are crucial to the survival of electric dirt bikes.


Both Honda and KTM have decades of experience in building quality gas powered motorcycles and dirt bikes.

They have the money, research/development, and distribution channels.

Odd are you have heard of Honda and if you are a dirt biker you have heard of both Honda and KTM.

Chances are you have owned on.

Like I mentioned the major dirt bike manufactuers need to build the electric bikes in order for them to survive.

We have already seen Alta motors go the way of the earth and it wasn’t because they didn’t make a quality electric dirt bike.

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