When  looking for the most comfortable electric bike, there are many things to consider. With the rise of electric bikes, we have a bunch of different options.

An electric bike that is comfortable has to have a few things in order to be considered a comfortable electric bike.

Top 5 things that make a comfortable Electric bike

  1. Front and rear suspension
  2. Quality Frame
  3. Quality tires and rims
  4. The bigger the tires the easier they roll over obstacles
  5. Last but not least the seat

Usually, whenever you see a solid framed electric bike with now suspension in the front or rear, you typically see larger tires.

The reason for this is the company making the electric bike is compensating for the lack of suspension with bigger tires.

They put the larger tires on the electric bike to help it roll over things easier than smaller tires.

This makes the electric bike fell more comfortable.

What makes parts make an electric bike the most comfortable?

If I had to choose one thing from the top five things that make an electric bike comfortable it would be…..

Front and rear suspension

They have 3 types of electric bikes and are listed in order of comfort.

  • Full suspension electric bikes
  • Hardtail suspension electric bikes
  • Electric bikes without suspension

In this article we are going to leave out the hardtail electric bikes and the electric bikes that do not have any suspension.

Full Suspension Electric bikes

Full suspension electric bikes come with front forks, these forks consist of 2 struts that connect to your wheel and the frame of the electric bike.

2019 electric bike fork

This allows your front tire on your electric bike to have travel. This means that the front fork will move up and down (compression/rebound) as needed.

This results in a much smoother ride.

A full-suspension bike is the most comfortable electric bike for 2019

Since we are talking about full-suspension bikes we can’t forget the rear shock.

2019 electric bike shock

Like the front fork, the rear shock will soak up impacts as well as helping the electric bike stay balanced and in contact with the ground.

To help make the electric bike comfortable the rear and front shock come with springs, oil, or even air to allow the shock to compress and rebound as needed.

So, a full suspension electric bike is the most comfortable type of electric bike you can buy.

Most Comfortable Electric Bikes for 2019

Now, you have electric mountain bikes and electric dirt bikes.

The below lists are going to gives the best options for the most comfortable electric bikes and dirt bikes for 2019.

Most comfortable electric mountain bikes for 2019

  • Scott Genius eRide
  • Scott Spark eRide
  • Cannondale Moterra
  • Rocky MTN Altitude
  • Haro Shift Plus
  • Specialized Turbo

Most comfortable electric dirt bikes for 2019

  • KTM Freeride E-XC
  • Alta Motors Redshift
  • Zero FX
  • KUBERG Freerider
  • Cake Kalk

The electric dirt bikes are closely related to the electric dirt bikes. The same concept applies when looking for a comfortable electric dirt bike.

electric dirt bike fork

Have a quality front fork is a must and the rear of the electric dirt bike needs to have a quality shock.

electric dirt bike shock

This will make your electric dirt bike feel so much more comfortable. 

Having the right kind of full suspension will make for an enjoyable ride and leave you less worn out after a day of riding.

The above list are the most comfortable electric bikes you can find on the market today.

Each of these bikes come with quality front and rear suspension. The frames are quality build and designed to handle impacts and flex in the correct ways.

Allowing the bike to perform better under stress.

With tires and wheel are also designed to work in harmony with the suspension and frame.

Having quality spokes on the rim also help with making things comfortable.

I would say that a electric dirt bike seat is more comfortable than a electric bike seat. Electric dirt bike seats have more foam and surface space.

Luckily electric bikes usually allow you to switch out the seat if its not up to your desired comfort level.

Make sure that when choosing a electric bike that you choose one that has been built with quality parts. 

Hardtail electric bikes and electric bikes without suspension no matter how hard the company tries, they will never be as comfortable as an electric bike with full suspension.

We all have seen hardtail electric bikes with HUGE tires and while that really does help the bike become more comfortable on the trail. 

It still doesn’t hold a candle to an electric bike with forks and a rear shock.

There are many different electric bike manufactors but I want to point out a couple of things you should consider when buying a electric bike

Not all Electric bike manufactures are created equal

The reason for this if you are after the most comfortable bikes out there you need to realize that the named brand electric bike companies have poured millions of dollars into the research and development of their bikes.

This is an important factor to keep in mind when you are shopping for your next electric bike. 

Regardless if you are after a electric bike or an electric dirt bike…

We have lots of comfortable bikes to choose from in 2019!