Loading your electric dirt bike is something you are going to do OFTEN. It’s important to make sure you pick the right electric dirt bike loading ramp for you.

Pushing a dead electric dirt bike up a ramp is no fun…

When your battery is completely dead on your 244lb electric dirt bike, pushing up a loading ramp into the back of a truck is not fun or safe. Because of the electric motor, there is drag or “engine breaking” as there is no neutral.

If you have a lifted truck…..that produces a whole set of angles to think about.

Are you the friend or do you have that friend who uses a 2×4 to load their bike?

We have all been there in flip flops loading or unloading our dirt bike and fall off or thru the rungs, resulting in bloody shins and swear words.

You also have either experienced or at least seen a video of unloading and loading fails.

I like to reserve my crashes or fails while I am riding my electric dirt bike not while loading and unloading the dirt bike from the truck.

Don’t be that guy! Unless you want to be internet FAMOUS

Electric dirt bike loading ramps really are not all that complicated. You have some that will have a single ramp that you either need to ride or push the electric dirt bike up. When coming down or unloading it the same story, you will push the electric dirt bike back down the ramp when unloading it.


You have two types of electric dirt bike loading ramps to choose from.

  • Single Ramp Style
  • Double Ramp Style

The material that these electric dirt bike ramp’s varying between metal, aluminum, and…….wood. Metal is the strongest with aluminum and wood being the lightest (I really don’t recommend wood).


Having a quality ramp for your electric dirt bike really is worth it. The List below starts with the safest electric dirt bike loading ramps and goes from there.


  • StepRamp loading ramp
  • RevARC Dirt bike loading system
  • Motorsports 6FT Tri-fold loading ramp
  • Fly Racing Folding Runway Ramp
  • Fly Racing Folding Aluminum Ramp
  • Fly Racing Curved Aluminum MC loading ramp 
  • Motorsports 8ft Tri-fold loading ramp
  • Motorsports 7 foot V-Ramp
  • Matrix Concepts A7 Folding Ramp
  • Matrix Concepts A8 Folding Ramp

1. Step Ramp Electric Dirt Bike Loading Ramp


The StepRamp is a unique design for dirt bike riders who would like an easy and safe way to load their dirt bikes. The Step Ramp has integrated steps into the ramp, allowing the rider to walk up with the bike as it’s pushed up the ramp. When unloading the electric dirt bike you are able to walk back down the steps alongside the dirt bike ramp.

The Step Ramp is the SAFEST loading ramp you can purchase. 

Made from high-quality aluminum the Step Ramp is probably the safest and easiest electric dirt bike on the market.

How does the Step Ramp Store?

The Step Ramp will fold in half lengthwise so you can haul or store it easily. They have a really cool handle and latch on the side for when you need to carry or move the loading ramp. This latch also keeps the ramp from vibrating around when hauling it.

For added safety, there is a tie-down strap that comes with the Step Ramps.

There are 2 different versions or lengths for the Step Ramps.



  • 5 Steps SR-B5 Step Ramp (72″)
  • 6 Steps SR-B6 Step Ramp (82″)

2. RevArc Dirt Bike Electric Dirt Bike Loading System

The RevArc electric dirt bike loading system is a two-part system. RevArc calls their steps the Smart Steps.

You have the step which is separate from the actual dirt bike loading ramp. You will walk up the step ramp while pushing the electric dirt bike up the ramp. When pushing your electric dirt bike up the loading ramp you can use the four Smart Steps.

Its a safe way to load your electric dirt bike. You can adjust the ramp and the steps in order to fit the ramp for the correct tailgate height.

The Ramp is made from high-quality aluminum and will fold in half for storage or hauling.

The Smart steps are made from powder-coated steel and the Smart Steps mount into the receiver hitch of the truck. The RevArc Smart steps also fold up for storage or hauling.


RevArc Ramp Specs:

  • The Ramp is 96.5″ x 12″
  • The Smart Steps are 10″ x 6″

3. Motorsport Products Tri-Fold Aluminum Electric Dirt Bike Loading Ramp


The Motorsports Products tri-folding electric dirt bike ramp is a unique folding design. It can fold into a very compact and small ramp size for storing and hauling.

This electric dirt bike loading ramp is a single ramp.

It also allows the ramp to be longer and still folds down to fit in the back of your truck. Made from high-quality aluminum there will be no rusting from the weather. Carbon steel hinges are coated with a zinc plating for a long-lasting finish.

The Motorsports Products Tri Folding ramp is 11′ wide and comes in a couple of different lengths. There are rubber coated tongues that will rest on the tailgate to help prevent the ramp from slipping off.

This is a durable but really light and compact electric dirt bike ramp.


Motorsports Products Tri Folding Loading Ramp Sizes:

  • 6 Foot Tri-Fold Loading Ramp
  • 8 Foot Tri-Fold Loading Ramp
  • 7 Foot V-Loading Ramp

4. Fly Racing Electric Dirt Bike Folding Ramps


Fly Racing makes a few different electric dirt bike loading ramps for us to choose from. 

  • Fly Racing Folding Runway Ramp
  • Fly Racing Folding Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp

The folding Runway and Motorcycle Ramps fold in half for storage and hauling. Both are made from high-quality aluminum that allows you to load and unload your electric dirt bike into the back of your truck.

All of Fly Racing Loading Ramps are lightweight and compact. 

Fly Racing Folding Runway Ramp Specs:

  • Available in 79″ Length
  • Available in 92″ length

Fly Racing Folding Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp

  • Available in Length of 7 1/2 feet

5. Matrix Concepts Electric Dirt Bike Folding Ramp


Matrix Concepts makes an electric dirt bike loading ramp that is made from high-quality aircraft aluminum. The Matrix Concepts loading ramps come with rubber feet that help keep the ramp in place when loading and unloading your dirt bike.

The Ramp folds in half for easy storage and transportation. The extra strong tongue that also has rubber to help keep the Matrix loading ramp in place. 

With Matrix Concepts loading ramps you have 2 lengths to choose from, the A7 ramp and the A8 ramp. The only difference is the length of the loading ramp.

Matrix Concepts Loading Ramp Specs:

  • A7 Loading Ramp 6’7″ Long
  • A8 Loading Ramp 8′  Long

It’s now up to you to decide which loading ramp will work best for you and your electric dirt bike. This depends on if you are trying to load your dirt bike into a truck or even a trailer.

Keep in mind the ones with stairs are safer and much easier to use. However, they are more expensive and take up more room in the bed of your truck.

The smaller ones are more compact and store much better but they are harder to ride up or push your bike up. They are also not as safe. You can use your dirt bike stand as a step when pushing your dirt bike up these type of single file ramps. Make sure that the dirt bike stand is on solid footing.

Its also known that you can use ATV ramps that fold in half and they also can be used to load your dirt bikes. They are bulky and take up more space in the bed of your truck.


For the sake of your back, having one that is lightweight and made out of aluminum will help you lift and store your dirt bike loading ramp.

Also, aluminum helps guard from weather and dirt rusting. If you buy a quality loading ramp for your electric dirt bike you will have a ramp that lasts a very very long time.

Personally I have used a cheap ATV ramp from Harbor Freight and I regret my purchase. It has broken in half, and I have fallen through the rungs so many times I rather not say.

That has changed as I have invested in a new ramp that is safer and built way better than what I had.

Let us know in the comments below what Loading Ramp you have and also why. If you have any questions about loading ramps please comment below.

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