The Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket McGrath – Green is a kids electric dirt bike.

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Razor makes all sorts of electric vehicles for kids to have fun on.

McGrath or Jeremy McGrath is the supercross King. Jeremy is one of the most successful supercross/motocross racers of all time.

Jeremy has teamed up with Razor to create a kid’s electric dirt bike.

While your kid probably will not know who Jeremy McGrath is…I am still pumped to see companies and people investing in kids dirt biking.

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Getting kids outside riding dirt bikes is a great way to grow up.

With the SX500 electric dirt bike, they can ride around your house or yard without all the noise that comes from a gasoline-powered dirt bike.

Razor has added a few extra goodies to the SX 500 McGrath edition, making it better than other Razor electric dirt bikes.

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Razor SX500 McGrath Features

  • Super cool Green plastics and the graphics kit
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Real knobby tires
  • 40-minute run time
  • 15 mph

Jeremy McGrath has been sponsored by lots of different dirt bike manufacturers.

Even though Jeremy no longer is racing dirt bikes, he has become a spokesperson for Kawasaki Dirt bikes.

This is the reason that the Razor SX500 is green.

Razor SX500 Brakes

One of the most important things to learn as a beginner in dirt biking is how to STOP.

Stopping is really important, and if the dirt bike that you are riding doesn’t stop…

Well…that can lead to a YouTube Fail video.

Make sure before buying or riding any electric dirt bike that the brakes are in good working order.

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The Razor SX500 Dirt rocket comes with front and rear disc brakes for stopping power.

The front and rear brakes are located on the handlebars. The rear brake is not down by the pegs like a traditional gas-powered dirt bike.

This is good!

I want my kid to be able to stop when needed.

Razor SX500 Suspension

Having an electric dirt bike for your kid, you want to introduce them to dirt…

Riding on the dirt comes with a whole new set of challenges.

Having proper suspension on their electric dirt bike will allow them to have more fun and be safer.

If you have spent any time dirt biking, you will realize very quickly that front tire deflection is real and rear kick is real.

Both of these situations are when you hit something like a square edge, and it causes your dirt bike to go out of balance.

Having a dirt bike with NO suspension increases the chances of your kid hitting something and deflecting, which could result in a crash.

It’s OK to crash, and it’s part of the process…

However, I would recommend starting out your child on a bike that has at least some time of suspension. Like the SX500 dirt rocket has front forks that work.

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While I won’t say these are the top-of-the-line forks, I will say it’s WAY better than having nothing but steel bars in the front.

This allows your child to have more fun and be safer while learning out to ride dirt bikes.

Also, kids like to jump dirt bikes…

Having a working suspension is better for jumping dirt bikes.

How long does the Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket McGrath Green bike last?

40 minutes.

While this doesn’t seem all that long for you as an adult. As a child, it’s pretty good.

It allows them to get out and ride around the hood or down to a friend’s house.

This 40-minute run time really depends on the terrain and soil conditions.

If you ride the Razor SX500 in the sand, it will SIGNIFICANTLY decrease the run time.

Same story if you are riding in mud or hilly terrain.

I believe that if the SX500 Dirt Rocket is ridden on the pavement, it will last about 40 minutes.

Razor SX500 McGrath

Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket McGrath Charge Time

The SX500 comes with a lead-acid battery. These types of batteries are not known for their charge times.

I believe the charge time for the Razor SX500 is around 4-5 hours.

To be honest. I wish it were faster, but hey, charging is what comes with riding an electric dirt bike.

Typically, I would tell my kids that after they are done riding, they need to plug it in.

They did pretty well at this, but every once in a while, they would forget.

No riding for that day.

Charging the Razor SX500 is pretty easy and can be done by your child. The Razor dirt bikes come with the charger and plug into your standard wall outlet.

Nothing special is needed for charging the SX500 McGrath edition.

Jeremy McGrath Razor SX500 graphics

The SX500 from Razor comes with a McGrath-inspired graphics kit.

The plastics are green and have a #2 number plate which was Jeremy McGrath’s pro racing number.

I think this Razor dirt bike looks best out of all of the Razor electric dirt bike lineup.

It has a semi-soft seat that has the hold you in place faux lines. It adds a trick look to the SX500.

The tires on the Razor SX500 are actual knobby tires. I know that Razor as claimed “real knobbies” before, but they were a swing and a miss.

You have a twist throttle to power the Razor SX500, which helps your child to learn throttle control.

The Razor SX500 is a great bike for your kids to continue to learn or build up their dirt-biking skills.

Electric dirt bikes are quiet and easy to operate.

This really helps build your child’s confidence when they are first learning.

A beginner gasoline-powered dirt bike can be intimidating.

Dirt biking is all about getting outside and having fun.