NOT QUITE but its a prototype from Yamaha Motor Europe. Check it out!

Yamaha Motor Europe has released some photos of what looks like an electric dirt bike. Turns out that this is a prototype that Yamaha Motor Europe has developed and partnered with the battery producer SPIKE engineering firm Dohms Project. They also have partnered with the Royal Dutch Motorcyclist Association (KNMV) to help develop an electric powertrain that will fit inside the popular motocross YZ250F dirt bike.

 Yamaha YZ250F with an electric motor

For this, all new Yamaha electric motocross dirt bike Dohms and SPIKE have developed a swappable battery system that allows you to swap the batteries at the track. This is HUGE for electric dirt bikes as the battery life still cannot match the life of a gas-powered dirt bike.

Yamaha electric dirt bike with a swappable battery

Having a Yamaha swappable battery means that during heats you can swap out the batteries very quickly and get back to racing motocross.




Yamaha Dirt Bike with ZERO noise

The other MAJOR benefit of having an all-electric Yamaha dirt bike is the power delivery.

Electric motors have ZERO hesitation and can be programmed for any type of power situation and traction. Electric dirt bikes are TORQUE MONSTERS.

Here is the other thing that electric dirt bikes to that the ICE dirt bike brothers cannot.

They can be quiet.

With all the crazy noise pollution restrictions these days, having no noise Is a big deal for those places that struggle with noise pollution.



Yamaha Electric Dirt Bike Prototype

  • YZ250F Frame 
  • YZ250F Suspension
  • YZ250F Plastics
  • No noise
  • Swappable battery
Yamaha Prototype electric dirt bike

Will we see this dirt bike in the 2021 or 2022 Yamaha Lineup?

Well we do know that Yamaha is developing a new electric motor as you can see in this YouTube video

Now from that video it looks to be more of a UTV offroad type motor versus a dirt bike electric motor. But either way it looks like Yamaha is thinking about electric offroad vehicles. 

Stay tuned to see mor information about the YZ250F electric dirt bike protype from Yamaha Motor Europe.