*** This article is about all the new KTM Electric Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes haven’t had any major changes since the introduction of fuel injection for 4 strokes and 2 strokes.

However, where does KTM fit in the world of electric dirt bikes?

In 2016 KTM shocked the dirt bike world with the introduction of the KTM Freeride E-XC. The KTM Freeride E-XC is an electric dirt bike that is kinda like a hybrid dirt bike.

KTM’s Website

It’s not quite a trials dirt bike or a full-sized enduro dirt bike. It’s a mix of both dirt bikes.

At the time, KTM didn’t know how many they would make and where they would be sold.

Turns out that the KTM Freeride E-XC is sold mostly in Europe. However, KTM piloted an Electric bike to the USA through a VERY limited piloted program.

I am not privy to how many KTM electric dirt bikes were sold here in the USA.


Fast forward to 2020…

For 2020 KTM actually has a few electric dirt bikes in their lineup. I say a few because Husqvarna is owed by KTM and also has released an electric dirt bike.


This is HUGE news for the electric dirt bike world. The Freeride E-XC electric dirt bike is back for adults, and the KTM SX-E 5 is for kids

Husqvarna’s Website

KTM / Husqvarna decided to release electric motocross dirt bikes for kids.

This is an interesting move for KTM as they might be looking to replace the KTM50SX motocross combustion dirt bike with a KTM Electric dirt bike.

I feel like this actually for motocross and supercross helps the sport. Your child will be less intimidated by a dirt bike that doesn’t make noise and has the ability for power adjustments.

These power settings could help reduce injuries in motocross and supercross. As the general population grows, noise pollution can be an issue in some parts of the world.

Allowing your kids to ride around on a dirt bike that makes little to no noise can be a good thing.

However, you need to make sure that they are in a safe place to ride and do not get run over because of the no noise.

KTM is the first major dirt bike company to really produce electric dirt bikes. 

Yes, there are and have been other electric dirt bikes but not from companies as big as KTM.

Will you ride a KTM electric dirt bike?