Using an electric motorcycle for hunting has made lots of hunters happy. Getting to your stand without warning, the game, especially the wary old buck, has played a key part in the hunting game for a lot of years. You parked your truck out of sight, a long way from your stand, and shut the door quietly. You then walked in those uncomfortable rubber boots lots farther than you wanted to keep the smell and sounds down so as not to alert any deer in the area to your presence.

Can an electric dirt bike or a motorcycle change the hunting game?

One of the biggest perks of hunting with an electric motorcycle is that they are silent and don’t blow out the smelly exhaust. Also, instead of having to walk all that way, you could ride your electric dirt bike!

Mule deer have very large ears. They aren’t just for decoration. They hear very well. Having a quiet ride can get you lots closer without even the large-eared mule deer hearing you coming.

Electric dirt bikes do not have an exhaust smell. Wiley old whitetails use their noses to sense danger. I would imagine that an electric dirt bike would have much less of a smell than a two-stroke dirt bike ;).

The other part of the smell is not getting too sweaty. If you hike a long way or up hills or in gear to stay warm on in the stand, it is easy to sweat, and when you sweat, you smell more.
Ride your silent electric dirt bike close to where you will be hunting, and you will be sweating much less.

Getting around the hunting area with an electric dirt bike

There are places where people ride around and road hunt. The quietness of an electric dirt bike should allow you to get closer and maybe come up on a deer without spooking it.

One awesome thing about electric dirt bikes is that they will have a very standard dirtbike build out. That means all of the addons you would want for gun/bow holders, your trailer and tie downs will all work the same.

Having a quiet dirt bike can be a huge boon when you are checking trail cameras. When you check your cameras, you want to be in and out quickly without making a lot of noise or leaving a lot of scents. An electric dirt bike could be just the right vehicle for the job.

Hunting elk on an electric dirt bike

hunting elk with electric dirt bike

When you are out looking for and calling for elk, the elk have become call shy. They have learned about hunters or have been chased/called too much. Unless you are in wolf country, elk tend to be much less call shy at night time.
For years I would go out at night to certain places and call elk to see if they were in this canyon or that canyon. I wonder how many times I rode by and elk on my gas-powered dirt bike and four-wheeler or side by side when they were calling, and I could not hear them. There is not enough time to stop every 300 yards to listen and call. But think about riding your electric dirt bike where it is quiet. You can just hear them as you are going. Another thing specifically for elks is that they move a lot, and they are big animals and can make a lot of noise. Being able to scout with your ears as you cover lots of countries can be a significant advantage when trying to find your elk.

So should you consider hunting with an electric dirt bike?

Electric dirt bikes may not affect every hunter, but there are cases where having an electric motor can definitely be an advantage.

Getting high-quality hunting tags is getting harder and harder, adding any advantage while hunting is a good plan.
Because tags are hard to get, you often have to hunt new areas in new states. Scouting day or night can be better on an electric dirt bike.
So now it is for you to decide. Can the advantages of an electric dirt bike help you with your hunting? We think so, do you?