We are at the beginning of seeing more and more electric motorcycles.

Electric vehicles produce very little sound pollution, electric motorcycles are starting to take hold just like electric cars.

With all the noise that happens in the city, it would be nice to have more electric supermoto bikes to create a more peaceful commute around the city.


Just like the gasoline powered supermoto bikes the electric supermoto bikes are really fun to ride and are really functional in the city.

Top 5 reasons you should choose an electric supermoto bike

  • Torque = FUN
  • Quiet
  • Lifetime ownership is cheaper
  • WAY less maintenance

With that said we still have a small selection of electric supermoto bikes for 2021.


We do have on really good full sized electric supermoto option from Zero Motorcycles.

The 2021 Zero FXS is a fun and efficient supermoto electric bike.

Zero claims that all it costs to charge the Zero FXS is $.40 – $.80 cents.

 The Zero FXS ZF3.6 MODULAR will get you 50 miles in the city.

  • 5.1 hours (100% charged) / 4.6 hours (95% charged)
  • 1.6 hours (100% charged) / 1.1 hours (95% charged) Max charger

The Zero FXS ZF7.2 will get you 100 miles in the city.

  • 9.7 hours (100% charged) / 9.2 hours (95% charged)
  • 1.8 hours (100% charged) / 1.3 hours (95% charged) – Max charger

Both are impressive but the Zero ZF7.2 has more power and the charge will last longer.

The Zero ZF3.6 has a swappable battery so you could always be on the road if you have extra batteries always charging.

What’s the top speed for the Zero supermoto FXS?

85 mph.

This is the top speed for both battery options in the ZERO FXS. The ZF7.2 has more power but both have the same top speed.

Curb weight for the Zero FXS ZF3.6 Modular

  • 251 lb (114 kg)

Curb weight for the Zero FXS ZF7.2 Modular

293 lb (133 kg)

Both the Zero FXS models are perfect electric supermoto options.

You can be quiet and efficient while having great performance and a ton of fun.

Will we see additional supermoto electric bikes for 2021?

I hope so.

Competition for our money is good. I would like to see the larger motorcycle companies come out with their own version of an electric supermoto bike.

Ducati makes an electric mountain bike….why not an electric supermoto?

KTM makes electric dirt bikes but hasn’t built any e supermoto bike.

Here are the companies that we feel need to join Zero Motorcycle in building a supermoto electric bike.

Electric Supermoto Manufactures.

  • Honda Supermoto electric bike
  • Yamaha Supermoto electric bike
  • KTM Supermoto electric bike
  • Kawasaki Supermoto electric bike
  • Ducati Supermoto electric bike
  • Aprilia Supermoto electric Bike
  • Triumph Supermoto electric bike
  • Suzuki Supermoto electric bike
  • Husqvarna Supermoto electric bike

All of these motorcycles manufacturers have the technology to invest in building a quality and fun electric supermoto motorcycle.

Will we see some changes for 2021?

For now, we have to live with one Electric Supermoto bike option….

** If I am missing one from this list let me know.

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