Getting your kids outside seems to be harder and harder these days. One of the ways to get your kids outside is dirt biking.

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I am sure there are lots of parents who know that their kids would love a dirt bike but are unsure if they should spring for a combustion dirt bike or an electric dirt bike.

*** Regardless of which dirt bike you choose for your child, please make sure you buy them the proper safety gear and teach them to STOP before anything else.

Kids electric dirt bikes really do make it easier for them to feel safer and progress faster than a combustion dirt bike.



5 Top Reason Why Kids Electric Dirt Bikes are Safer

  • NO heat to get burnt
  • Way lighter
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Smooth Throttle/no shifting
  • Quiet

Kids Electric Dirt Bikes aren’t hot

Electric dirt bikes do not carry any heat in the motors so this means that your child will not burn themselves on an exhaust pipe or something.

Kids Electric Dirt Bikes are lighter

Also, typically the electric dirt bike is much lighter which allows your kid to pick up his own dirt bike if he tips over.

Being light also helps the child feel safer.

Kids Electric Dirt Bikes have adjustable power settings

You can adjust the throttle screw on a kid’s combustion dirt bike but its really just not allowing you to twist the throttle all the way back. It actually doesn’t change the power.

With a kids electric dirt bike you typically have a few different power settings that can easily change how fast and how much power it has.

This really is a smart system allowing your child to learn how to dirt bike without being afraid of the power. You then can adjust the power settings up as they grow in their confidence.

Kids Electric Dirt Bikes have a smooth throttle control and no shifting

This goes along with the power settings. Having a smooth throttle that is easy for a child to twist without getting whiskey throttle really helps them create muscle memory and confidence.

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Also, electric dirt bikes do not require your child to shift. This also allows them to just hop on the bike and go.

Kids Electric Dirt Bikes are quiet

This allows your kids to ride in your yard or neighborhood without any noise issues.

This really helped my own kids build up their skills as when Dad wasn’t home they still could ride it around. This goes along with the fact the electric dirt bike is easy to start, can be picked up by the child, and is quiet.

There is no substitute for time on the dirt bike.

You want to make sure that your child is getting the seat time they want so that they can build up their confidence for when you decide to make the switch to a gas-powered kids dirt bike.

From my own experience, it really translated well and my kids had ZERO issues moving to a gas-powered dirt bike.